I miss diliman and blogging. :l I have a lot to write about but I’m still too busy (lazy) to do it. Haha So I guess I’ll just go to Diliman. Gonna hang out (study) at the lib then ROC. :> Hope to see my fab friends! :)



That heartbreaking moment when you find out your crush is in a long term relationship.
EmpoweRun (11.12.11)

This is a project of UP Manila’s CAMP Student Council, CPH Student Council, in partnership with Run for Change.  I am friends with the whole CAMP SC and I have friends who are CPH SC members, but I originally did not have any plans at all to join/run/volunteer whatsoever in this race.  

Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted to join a race but I have always been too lazy to do it. First of all, one has to have the proper attire to train and run a race.  Running shoes are just exorbitantly expensive! Second, races cost so much!  If I really wanted to keep myself fit (but of course I do, I’m just too lazy to exercise haha), I could just run at my own pace.  I don’t get paying just to run. But admittedly, EmpoweRun’s singlet is nice.  If I had the money, I would have bought a singlet fro myself right then and there. But I didn’t. haha And races are so early! Why can’t they schedule it mid-afternoon at least?  I am not an early riser pa naman. And besides, Empowerun was scheduled on a Saturday and the night before that was a Friday (as Rebecca Black has probably told you by now), 11/11/11 at that wherein a lot of events were scheduled on that night! A night of partying equals to a Saturday spent in bed. Or so a thought.

Because up until two days prior to Empowerun, I was bent on spending my Friday night partying. But due to a perhaps, unfortunate turn of events, I decided to go ahead and volunteer for Empoerun. No, I still didn’t run. I didn’t think I’d have the energy to run so early in the morning. :)) 

Oh, but the things I do for you! Hay. But I do not regret it. I enjoyed volunteering and seeing hunky dragon boat men (who were not runners but were practicing at Manila Bay).  Hung out at PazMen after the event and had ice cream at Caramia right after. No pictures for that part but here are some of the pictures during EmpoweRun. :)

Pictures courtesy of Monique Ponce. :)


(1-r) Chelsea, Nella, John, Henni and me

Call time for council members was around 12am (Tim Chua and Monique arrived at that time).  Volunteers’ call time was around 2am. :) Since I’m not really allowed out at that time, I asked permission from Chad Tiu if I can arrive late. Hehe So I was picked up 3.30 and arrived at CCP around 4. Got a bit lost going there. Turned out, I was even way earlier than Chad! :))

The Pocari Sweat bottles we arranged! We became water girls for the day. Filling up cups with water and giving them out to the runners.  At one point, the dragon boat people approached the table to ask for Pocari Sweat, I was close to giving in to them but I called Patman for back-up. Haha Oh such hunky body and charming eyes! :))  I was even offered to try-out for the dragon boat team which I quickly dismissed since there is no way I’ll be able to survive their rigorous training. Have you seen my arms? :)) 

(l-r) Patrick Manlapaz, Chad Tiu, Chelsea, Nella, Alyanna, and me

With the College of Allied Medical Professions Student Council and Volunteers :)

The ever beautiful, Monique Ponce! :) She’s so supportive of Tim. :)

With Moi’s medal. :))

Friday Night Lights

Super late post! :))

Hung out at the AS Parking Lot with Zoe and the usual suspects. :)) Then proceeded to the CS Amphitheater to watch Friday Night Lights. :) The fireworks display was just amazing! Kudos to JMA for this event! At ang galing sumayaw ng UP Streetdance Club! (Still, I’m loyal to Indayog. :P). Then, Up Dharma Down performed. I wasn’t really a fan of UDD, but I’m now a convert! Ganda pala ng voice ni Armi! Nagka-lss tuloy ako after that. Thanks also to Raf for recommending me songs of UDD to listen to! :) Capped the night off at Cantina! :)

This was one awesome night to culminate my awesome sem in Diliman! :)

Here are the super late  pictures, care of Zoe. :)

With ze photographer, Zoe! :)

My favorite Diliman 09s, Raf and Aureli! :)

Raf and my apo, Dan. :))

Ang kasabayan ko sa mga random trip sa buhay, the (in)famous Raf Roque! :)

Venting Out.

My frustration for this sem is that I won’t be taking any classes in Diliman. :( My two sems (one was last summer) in Diliman proved to be one of my most enjoyable sems. The place is really conducive for studying (not that I really studied, haha). I guess I got tired commuting to smoky, smelly Manila. I hate the concrete. I hate that there are snatchers just outside the gate. Gah. I wish I transferred sooner. </3 UP Manila best represents the real world but from my stay in Diliman and my brief stay in UP Baguio and from the stories of my friends from UP Miag-ao, their campuses resemble the surreal, a world where the university life is really embodied to the fullest.  

I’ll miss the trees and the clean air.  Even if the people I hang out with there are always smoking, my allergies didn’t act up. Not unlike in Manila where I get allergies every single day.  I’ll miss walking around Palma Hall. I’ll miss FT at the beach house, at LB, at UP Mercato. I’ll miss tambay at the plot. I’ll miss people taking me out to eat. I’ll miss the ice cream, the cheese corn and all the yummy food.  I’ll miss studying at the CAL lib, at ROC and at Katipunan. I’ll miss my favorite Diliman brods, Raf and Aureli! :> And even those who bully me. :) I’ll miss the Manila turned Diliman brods, Bojit, Yo and Benjo. I’ll miss my other Diliman friends (yes, I have other friends in Diliman other than the brods. Haha)

Which is why I’ll be visiting Diliman tomorrow! Yehey! :> Aaaaand.  GAH. I hope to find a way to bend the rules to my favor. *fingers crossed, wish me luck*

P.S. I wish you’d tell me what’s bothering you. Though I can’t bring myself to tell you what’s bothering me either. Hay. Life. :( I just want you to know that I will try my best to be here for you. 


Geeez. Money, where art thou? Oh come what may, I&#8217;m reserving my night for Avicii. Make me happy, please? :&#8221;&gt; 


Geeez. Money, where art thou? Oh come what may, I’m reserving my night for Avicii. Make me happy, please? :”> 

The problem with broken hearts.

The problem with broken hearts is not because a person chose to love.  Broken hearts exist due to empty promises, of lies masked in sweet conversations.  The problem with broken hearts perhaps is that some minds are too fiddle to decipher lies from sincere statements.  The problem with broken hearts is that some people are just too cold-hearted, they just play and play with the other person’s feelings.  The problem with broken hearts is that it’s difficult to recover from it.

I am no expert in love.  After all, I’ve only had one boyfriend so far.  But that lasted so long and I can say that during the relationship I really did give it my all, I really did love and a part of me wanted it to last forever. But it didn’t. Ten months after the break up I can say that I have fully recovered from the scars of that relationship.  But at the same time, I know that I have become a commitment-phobe. 

How the relationship ended and the boys I am surrounded with have made me stronger.   I am now stronger and better in controlling my emotions.  Before, words would sway me easily since admittedly I am pretty easy to please.  But now, I have become more intelligent.  Which is why I have realized that there is no point in yearning for a serious, long term relationship at this point in my life.  It seems that I’d have to extend my one year rest period from relationships and guys in general.  I have a lot of guy friends and I can say that at our age, they really aren’t mature enough to sustain a long-term, committed relationship.  They’re still too enthralled by the thrill of women and sex, of alcohol, drugs, gambling and what not.  I’m not saying that they aren’t great boys because they are. I love my friends to death but I wouldn’t want to be their girlfriend! Not right now anyways. I have observed that guys mature, or more aptly put, get over the playing and the vices once they reach the age of 26. So, if ever I’m committing next year or in the coming years, it has to be to someone older, or at least someone who’s over that playing and vices stage.

Either way, I am not in a hurry to commit, nor am I in a hurry to have my heart broken all over again. Besides, I am not mature enough to handle a committed, mature relationship.  Neither am I patient enough to go dating. Haha I don’t like the hassle of it all.  I guess I’m really not into boys right now.

To all broken hearts, fix yourself. Fix it with laughter, with love from friends and family. And do not love when you are not ready. Do not give away your heart when it is still mending.

And to the meanies out there, quit playing.  Quit your lies and empty promises. You wouldn’t want karma to hit you, would you?


What is GV!As I opened my Facebook, I was surprised to have  two rows of Facebook friends having the same profile picture. And then bam, I remembered November is Upsilon Month. :) GVness! Goes to show also that majority of my frat friends are Upsilonians. :) Excited for November! So many things to look forward to! :)  

What is GV!

As I opened my Facebook, I was surprised to have  two rows of Facebook friends having the same profile picture. And then bam, I remembered November is Upsilon Month. :) GVness! Goes to show also that majority of my frat friends are Upsilonians. :) Excited for November! So many things to look forward to! :)